Grade 8-9 Transition Information:

Eastwood Arts Night               Thursday December 5   6:30-9:00 p.m

Eastwood Grade 8 Night        Thursday December 5  6:30-7:30 p.m


Integrated Arts Program

Links to the 2019-2020 application forms will be posted and active ……………., after Grade 8 Information Night 2019

What are the requirements for the IAP?

To be accepted to the Integrated Arts Program you must:

  • submit a completed IAP application by the deadline
  • audition successfully for at least one Arts Major course (or be asked to join the program as an IAP Development student)
  • have a positive character reference from a current school teacher
  • be eligible to attend school in Ontario
  • be in good standing at your previous school – that means having acceptable attendance, grades and behaviour.

To remain in the Program in good standing you must:

  • Have at least one Arts Major in grades 9-12
  • attain a minimum 70% average in your Arts Major courses
  • participate year-round in at least one extra-curricular activity related to one of your Majors
  • abide by the “Code of Ethics and Code of Participation”
  • participate successfully in the “Reality Check Interview” at the end of Grade 9

Important Dates

Thursday Dec 5 – Grade 8 Information Night

TBD- IAP Applications are due

TBD - The Arts Registrar will email and phone you with your individual audition date and times

TBD – Auditions

TBD – The Arts Registrar will email you with your results

TBD – If you are accepted to the IAP, you must tell the Arts Registrar if you are going to accept your place by this date