Margaret Avenue Clubs and Activities


Name of Club/Activity Staff Advisor(s) Date Time
Homework Club Ms. Rozczyk Every Day Both Breaks
Grade 7 Intramurals Ms. Breckles & Ms. Swarbrick Day 2 + 4 Second Break
Grade 8 Intramurals Ms. Breckles & Swarbrick Day 1 + 3 Second Break
Asian Affinity Group Ms. CG, Ms. Ronald Day 2 First Break
Black Brilliance Group Ms. Kurt, Ms. Darrell, Ms. Ronald Day 5 First Break
Board Game Club Ms. Barber, Ms. CG Day 5 First break
Forest of Reading Book Club Ms. Barber, Ms. CG Day 3 First break
Coding Club Mr. Wyllie/Ms. Armstrong Day 1 First break
Grade 8 Band Mr. Kiernander Day 2/Day 4 Second Break
Grade 7 Band Mr. Kiernander Day 1/Day 3 (Starting in April) Second Break
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Ms. Galbraith, Ms. Barber, Ms. Kurt, Ms. Ronald Day 1 First Break
Eco Team Ms. Furner, Ms. Ronald TBD TBD
SLC Ms. Galbraith/Ms. Valeriote/Mr. Wyllie Day 4 Second Break