At the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) we’re transforming education in partnership with those we serve. Student academic achievement and well-being are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to making our schools places where every student can succeed. However, we know we can’t do this alone.

Engaging with Families and Caregivers

Research shows that when families are engaged in their child’s learning, they perform better. We know that building a stronger relationship with the families we serve is the first step to improving student achievement and well-being.

Read more about our plan to support Family and Caregiver Engagement.

Consulting with PIC

Our goal is to build a better, more collaborative relationship with the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC). One where their voices are included at the start of policy and curriculum development.

We will identify clear touch points between the WRDSB and PIC. This will provide PIC the opportunity to engage and provide input on key decisions. In addition, we will define specific objectives for getting input from PIC. This input will be used to make decisions at the WRDSB.

Learn more about our plan to consult with PIC.

Increase Family and Caregiver Public Consultation

Many families and caregivers told us they want more chances to give input and make decisions about their children’s education. To increase engagement, we will host more events with the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC), Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils (WRAPSC) and other groups.

Learn more about our plan to increase family and caregiver public consultation.

Families and Caregivers Supported by System Navigators

We know that some families and caregivers benefit from differentiated support to navigate school systems. This support can empower them to be better advocates for their children and youth through their academic and personal journeys.

With the goal of empowerment in mind, we will work with WRDSB System Navigators who strive to bridge the gap between equity-seeking communities, students, families and the school system using Culturally Responsive and Relevant (CRR) approaches.

Learn more about how we plan to support families and caregivers with system navigators.

Student-Led Family and Caregiver Education Session

We will support the creation of a student-led, all-day event or conference. The event will include student-run sessions. Students will have the chance to share their thoughts on the future of school, curriculum, and education in the region.

Learn more about how we plan to offer a student-led family and caregiver education session.

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