List of Clubs/Teams/Activities at Margaret Ave!

Students and Parents,

Margaret Avenue is proud to provide a vibrant extra-curricular program for our students.  The many clubs, teams and events that we offer provide students with valuable opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom.  Our wide range of activities and interest groups ensures that there is something for everyone!  Please see our list of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the school for more information.



Builders’ Club J. Swarbrick, D. Wyllie
Sharp Shooters A. Lip
Library Club A. Lip
GSA E. Galbraith, I. Steffler, K. Hernden
Red Maple W. Salvador, G. Creech
Student Leadership Council E. Galbraith, D. Wyllie, O. Cummings-Galbraith
“AC” ~ Athletic Council L. Breckles, P. Zister
Ski Club K. Hernden, G. Creech, W. Salvador
Band P. Fehderau
Gauss Math Contest/Club D. Wyllie
Remembrance Day Assembly S. Willett, L. Hammermueller., S.Goodyear
Wayve I. Steffler
Anti-bullying I. Steffler
Coding Club
Eco-Team Club G. Creech, O. Cummings-Galbraith
Supper Club K. Hernden, D. Wyllie
Slam Team G. Creech, O. Cummings-Galbraith, S. Goodyear
Choir M. Crawley, T. Starr                                  Day 5’s
French Club L. Phillips, T. Starr
Dance Crew S. Willett., S. Goodyear                              Thursdays (1st NB)
ESL Lunch Club W. Salvador
FIFA Club D. Wyllie., L. Hammermueller
Board Game Club O. Cummings-Galbraith


Varsity Teams:


Boys Football D. Wyllie, P. Zister
Boys Football Club Pete Zister
Girls Soccer L. Breckles, L. Hammermueller
Cross Country Running L. Breckles
Boys Volleyball G. Creech, L. Hammermueller
Girls Volleyball L. Breckles, M. Crawley
Boys Volleyball Club P. Zister
Girls Volleyball Club T. Staff, N. Censner
Boys Basketball P. Zister
Girls Basketball L. Breckles
Boys Basketball Club P. Zister
Girls Basketball Club
Wrestling L. Breckles, P. Zister
Track and Field L. Breckles, P. Zister




Pete Zister, Leanne Breckles