Join us in celebrating the 4th Annual Orange Shirt Day!

Friday, September 30 is the 4th Annual Orange Shirt Day in Canada. We at Margaret Avenue will be wearing our orange shirts to remember the experiences of former students of the Residential School System in Canada and to commit to ongoing reconciliation.

We are very pleased to share that Margaret Avenue will be hosting a Residential School Survivor, Geronimo Henry (Geronimo Henry) on Friday, September 30, to speak to our student body about his experience at a Residential School and address how we can move forward towards healing and reconciliation. The ceremony will take place at approximately 11:20 am and we welcome you to join us.

Once the presentation is complete we will symbolically hang the Canadian Government’s 2008 ‘Statement of Apology’ with our Superintendent, Mr. Scott Miller, leading this meaningful gesture.

Students have been encouraged to bring in a small donation of any size this week. We are raising money in support of the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford. The specific fund we are donating to is “Save the Evidence” Campaign an initiative to help restore the former Residential School on that site. It is one of the few remaining buildings of the Residential School System in Canada. There are three phases of the project: new roof, restore the building to become a living museum, and a student endowment fund. The Mohawk Institute Residential School saw 15 000 students, through its doors, over 7 generations from the time of its functioning as a school from 1831 to 1970.

Ribbons will also be handed out by students to be worn by students and staff as an act of remembrance.

More information about Orange Shirt Day is found here:   Orange Shirt Day 

Information about the ‘Save the Evidence Campaign’ can be found here:  Woodland Cultural Centre

Please support us in helping to raise awareness and develop understanding for this important piece in our Canadian history.