Video Newsletter #1!

We here at Margaret Avenue believe it is important to better engage our parent community and utilize many of the 21st Century tools available to us each day. We hope this regular glimpse into a day in the life of our students, and hearing from all our staff, will be an enjoyable and alternative method of communicating with you. Over the course of our school year, we plan to create regular video segments which will share with you the variety of learning and extra-curricular experiences our students participate in each day. As always, please continue to refer to our “Calendar” tab located above this post on our website for all our regularly updated important dates of upcoming activities and events.

Our team of enthusiastic grade 7 & 8 students continue to have many amazing ideas for future posts! They create these segments from start to finish; generate ideas, interview staff, film, edit and publish our segments online!  We are truly amazed by their talents! If your child is interested in being a part of the team, please encourage them see Mrs. Giannopoulos.

And finally, if YOU have any suggestions or questions that you’d like us to investigate in future segments, please tweet them to us @mrgwrdsb

We hope you enjoy this additional method of communicating with you!

Check it out here –> Margaret Avenue Newsletter #1