Gauss Math Club

What is the Purpose of the Gauss Math Club?

The purpose of this club is to give students who enjoy being challenged in math an opportunity to prepare for the Gauss Math Contest in mid-May. The club will aim to meet every Friday during the second Nutrition Break in Rm 24 with Ms. McTavish. Students will have a place to work on math problems from previous years’ contests as well as discuss solutions together. Students will also receive preparation resources and links to online resources that they can use on their own time.

Who can join?

Any student in Grade 7 or 8 is welcome to join the Gauss Math Club. Typically, these are students who achieve Level 4 in most areas of math. Level 3 students who are keen to improve their math skills and challenge themselves are also good candidates. All that is asked of club members is that they try their best, commit to ongoing preparation for the contest (during weekly sessions at school and on their own time), and agree to have fun in the process! (We’re not looking to stress anyone out here. The contest has no bearing on report card marks. The competition is friendly. We just love math!)

More information from Mrs. McTavish can also be found at her Google Doc here:

What is the Gauss Math Contest?

The Gauss Math Contest is run by the University of Waterloo. For more information about the contest, please check out this website:

For any additional information please contact Mrs. McTavish directly at the school.