School Council Tuesday Night!


 School Council!

Research has shown that parental involvement in a child’s school is a major factor in achieving their best. Involvement in the School Council is a way to show your son and/or daughter how much you value their school and education.  Finding a way to become involved in the school is more difficult as children get older – they don’t always want parents around!

The School Council is a way to keep involved. Meetings are informal and an ideal way to get to know other parents at the school. Participation in the activities organized by the School Council is usually a lot of fun too! Involvement does not have to be a lot of work – you need to commit to one meeting per month during the school year.  Beyond that, you can get involved in activities, as you are able. School Council meetings are held once a month throughout the school year in the school’s library.  Parents are always invited and encouraged to attend. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours and influence your child’s education.

The first meeting of the Margaret Avenue School Council will be held on Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00 p.m. in our school library! We hope to see you there!