Communicating with our Staff

Parent partnership with teachers in meaningful communication is an important cornerstone in student success.  It is our belief that when home and school work together, the maximum benefits for a child happen. The Margaret Avenue staff is committed to working together in partnership with parents to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.

Formal Parent-Teacher Conferences will be organized in the coming weeks and details will be sent home on Monday, November 14 with your child’s Progress Report.

In the meantime, and for your easy reference, please find below the contact information for our staff so you may call 519-570-8107 or email them directly with any question or concern you may have about your child and how they are progressing over the course of the school year.  


Staff Name E-mail Voice Mail Extension
Leanne Breckles 7101
Rudi Damjanovic 7098
Christina Elmslie 7627
Paul Fehderau 7804
Kim Fraser 8089
Emma Galbraith 2696
Kat Hernden 6757
Brad Hill 7109
Sherry Lawlor-Alexander 5912
Laurie Molnar 9133
Laurie Phillips 7035
Wendy Salvador 2173
Travis Schmidt 7294
John Swarbrick 7104
Jason Tigert 7344
David Wyllie 4825
Andrea Wyman 7736
Pete Zister 7099