T.H.I.N.K. – Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week Begins on Monday

True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind? Students will be encouraged next week to ask themselves these 5 key questions before they text, tweet, or post anything on social media sites.  “The Waterloo Region District School Board is committed to providing a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment. Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week reinforces a clear and positive message that bullying is not acceptable in our schools and communities.”

At Margaret Avenue Public School we are very proud of how our students embrace this philosophy and continue to nurture it through our student-led W.A.Y.V.E. program. Throughout the week of November 18-22, W.A.Y.V.E will lead the Mavericks and encourage them to listen to the anti-bullying messages, to participate in the planned activities, and to continue to demonstrate the behaviours that make Margaret a safe, caring, and inclusive school.

On Thursday, November 21, students will be inivited to participate in two silent nutrition breaks. They will be watching a slide show that clearly depicts the devastation that bullying has inflicted upon adolescents and society in general. Friday is PINK DAY! Students will be asked to wear as much PINK as they possibly can! PINK nail polish stands will be open for those who want a little more PINK or for those who just forgot to wear PINK! The class that is wearing the most PINK on Friday will be photographed and displayed in the Margaret Avenue display cabinet for all to celebrate.