Orange Shirt Day Follow Up!

We are so very proud of the students and staff here at Margaret Avenue as they blaze a trail in our country’s reconciliation efforts to the survivors of the Residential School System.

We wanted to thank Mrs. Christina Elmslie for her leadership and vision leading this very important initiative for our school community. Thank you as well to Mr. Geronimo Henry for his time coming to share his story with us. We are truly honoured to have him with us on such a special day.

We wanted to thank our media partners for supporting us on Friday as we all came together as Allies. In case you missed it, please find below links to the stories that share some of how we spent some of our day in recognition and in solidarity for the survivors and in memory of so many who lost their lives too early.


CTV News:

The Record:


Families, we will continue to welcome donation of any size tomorrow for the Woodland Cultural Center’sSave the EvidenceCampaign. Thank you to so many who brought in their toonies and loonies last week to support this initiative.  More Information about this initiative is found here: